Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally,the handsome boy is back to his home!

Alhamdulillah setelah hampir 4 bulan bermastautin di HSAJB, finally Qaid was allowed discharge today. Kakak was so happy and excited, at the same time the jealousy is there. When mama breastfeed adik, she keep holding to mama and say "nenen".. Kesian kakak, that's why mama still continue her breastfeeding also at the moment.

 Actually semalam mama plan to stay in the hospital to take care of him, however since he can be discharged earlier than expected, alhamdulillah, Mama pun tak perlu lah stay kat sana.
Kalau ikutkan premie lain hanya boleh discharged after gaining weight more than 1.8kg. tp since Qaid is mama's son ( -:) why ha...), the doctor allowed mama to take him home earlier than 1.8kg. Thank you to the doc.

Have a look at the pictures of my handsome little boyfriend...

sedapnya leh balik umah, best kiter tido weight today 1.720kg

My name is Qaid Mukhlis Zaidi, I'm 3 months old of age, however my corrected age is 39 weeks.

Me in my first suit.  Look at my "muncung", sebijik cam kakak qaisara time dia umur gini gak kan? Muka kiter pun sama cam kakak la...

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